Thursday, 15 September 2011

Saturday September 24th is History Day at Cardiff Central Library!

Come and help us celebrate the end of History Month at Cardiff Central Library.

We have a host of talks, and library staff will be on hand to help you get the most out of your on-line resources.

Talks include -

10.30 The Glamorgan Family History Society
11.15 Councillor Jaswant Singh - A First Sikh Family in Britain
12.00 Jeff Childs - Roath
1.00 Pradyuman Halai - Swaninarayan Temple
1.30 Channi G S Kaler - The Punjabi Community
2.00 Glen Jordan - Butetown History and Arts Centre
3.00 Saleem Kidwai - Muslim Council of Wales (Muslim History in Cardiff)
3.30 Mark Oliver Llangco - Pinoy in Bitoy’s town: A Statistical Story

Library Staff will be in the ICT Suite on Level 5 to reveal the mysteries of Find My Past and as well as other e-Resources and on-line Newspapers.

And to tickle your History buds, here's a little quiz.

Email your answers to to be entered into a draw to win signed copies of Peter Finch's Cardiff trilogy.

1) In which year did Cardiff become Capital City of Wales.
     a) 1935 b) 1945 c) 1955
2) Which Cardiff suburb is called Treganna in Welsh?
3) Which current Premier League footballer was brought up in Whitchurch, Cardiff ?
4) The Bluebell pub in St. Mary’s Street changed its name to what in 1995?
5) Which street in central Cardiff is well known for its chip shops.
6) The statue of John Batchelor in Cardiff city centre states that he is the friend of –
     a) The poor b) Freedom c) Wales
7) In which hotel in Cardiff would you find the Captain Scott Room ?
8) Billy The Seal was a famous occupant of which Cardiff Park?
9) Which year did Buffalo Bill Cody visit Cardiff with his show?
     a) 1891 b) 1901 c) 1911
10) What is the Catholic Cathedral in Cardiff called?

Three multiple choice - how easy can we make it!

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