Monday 20 February 2012

Teens Aloud - a new reading group, teens!

Welcome to the Reading Revolution!

"Teens Aloud", a  reading group with a difference, is being launched in Cardiff Libraries at the end of February.

“So what’s the difference?” I hear you ask.

Well, the difference is that all the reading is done during the session, rather than before - making it ideal for those social animals who find it difficult to fit regular reading into their manic lifestyles.

Inspired by the ‘Read to Lead’ training delivered by ‘The Reader Organisation’ (TRO), the aim is to bring teenagers together to read aloud, talk and share ideas about books, short stories and poetry, or reflect on similar experiences of their own. 

TRO work to bring the pleasure and value of reading to as many people as possible, bringing books to life by reading aloud in the company of others. 

According to TRO , the benefits to young people of reading aloud include -
  • Increased personal confidence
  • Improved health and well being
  • Increased love of reading
  • Greater social skills
  • Improved literacy
  • Improved stability and security
‘Teens Aloud’ will be launched at Cardiff Central Library on Wednesday, February 29th, and will meet weekly from 4.30pm-5.30pm.

And there’ll be biscuits – so no speaking with your mouth full!


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