Wednesday 2 March 2011

Dewey Charades #2

I know, I know, I said a week (actually I said about a week), and it's been considerably longer, but I'm here now, so you can relax - especially you Jim!

Yes, it was Zulu!

Patently this was way too easy for this blog's inspired, intelligent and probably very attractive readership, so we'll go for something a little more demanding - but not too demanding as I don't want to alienate or embarrass you.

Are you ready?  Oh.

Are you ready now? Ok -


It's a film - three words and the first one's The - no more clues!


  1. Not sure I'm allowed to comment as i'm pretty much a mini me.

  2. I don't know the answer (yet), but I've had a look at the shelves on the 4th floor, and books around that number are to do with living and working abroad, if that helps anybody.

  3. Ciao! Working abroad! And the ultimate PR for ubiquitous sixties car?

  4. Ok, you've got me - The Italian Job innit. I shall have to up the deviousness level on the next one. You given up Jim or are you still out there prowling the shelves?

  5. I'd given up, to tell you the truth, 'Cardiff Libraries'. And it's only now that I understand Heather's first post! If you are going to get any more devious you might as well email her direct!

    Let me try you with 941.085, two word film.

  6. Jim, you're back! We've missed you. Ignore Heather, she's a swot.

    Anyone up for Jim's challenge?

    Heather, put your hand down.

  7. Hmmph! Just like school. Last to be chosen.
    Got an idea but if this is how you're playing it - no clues. I'll just sulk in my cyber corner.

  8. Well it's been a week now, and nobody else wants to play, which is disappointing. What's your idea, Heather?

  9. Dewey I'm back! But only because nobody else wants to play.
    20th Century history? A royal connection?
    If i'm not close i should be sent to the Tower as I do work in the library.

  10. You are close of course, Heather.
    Everybody vote for Hilaire Belloc in the Children's Book Awards!

  11. I think it's The Queen!
    I'd be happy for Jim to win because Mini Grey is funny, fantastic and her books are all different. And Egg Drop is the all time great tragic Easter story.

    But Jim, I suspect you want it to win for the wrong reasons. But it would also be great to see a book about a moose called Ernest win.
    On the other hand Anthony Browne ...and he's getting an exhibition at the museum next year.
    Oh, and Oliver Jeffers makes me want to float in the sea and i could spend hours playing with the IPad app for The heart and the bottle.
    I'm not usually this indecisive but it's ok cos this will never get past the screening process, being far too long.

  12. Ah, how wrong can you be. That'll teach you.

  13. Yes, Heather, it was The Queen. Have an OBE on me.
    Yes, I said wanted Jim to win for the wrong reason. The ! was a clue I wasn't being serious though.
    And you do seem to have a thing about minis!